UI/UX Designer

Emberex is looking for an experienced and talented UI/UX designer to join our team in downtown Eugene, OR.

Hiring a UI/UX designer, six steps to success.

Sit back, grab a drink, settle in for a couple of pages of quality reading. If you just skip to the end for our email address, you’ll miss all the good stuff - but hey, it’s just a job, right?

Step 1 - the ad

You’re looking at it! This is our first opportunity to let you know what we’re looking for. Also, we can give you some idea of who we are, so you can decide if you want to spend your valuable time figuring out how to impress us. We could give you all the standard stuff here - lists of required skills, minimum years of experience, emphasis on strong communication skills, ability to work alone or as part of a team...

...but who’s gonna read that ad and think, hmmm.. I’d apply for this job, but my communication skills might not be quite up to their standards. And I can work alone, but part of a team..? 

You get the idea.

So, then... What *are* we looking for? We’re looking for a great digital designer to join our team and work in our office in downtown Eugene. We don’t think there’s a specific formula to describe the best candidates. You might be junior, excited, with a great sense of style and a few things to learn. Or maybe you’ve been doing jobs just like ours since dinosaurs, or rocks, or your metaphor of choice - and still you might have a few things to learn. Maybe you can design a highly interactive, responsive web application in your sleep, and then design it again when you’re awake and in control of your eyes and your hands.

Whatever your background, you take great ideas and make them beautiful, responsive, elegant, and intuitive. You’re willing and able to talk to coworkers and clients, and you’ll thoughtfully incorporate feedback but also defend the ideas that you feel strongly about. You’ll work with our design, development, and QA teams to deliver software that keeps our clients coming back for more.

Step 2 - the application

We see a lot of cover letters, resumes, and portfolios. We urge you to send us good ones - a cover letter that lets us know who you are, a resume that tells us what you’ve done, and a portfolio that shows us just how great you really are. Want us to know you’re a good communicator? The cover letter is a great place to start. Want to show off your brilliant organizational skills? Give us a resume that’s easy to read and understand. Want to let us know you’re a great illustrator and you can also build a complex yet intuitive UI? We’re guessing you’ve got some stuff in your portfolio that speaks for itself.

Step 3 - the interview

It may come as no surprise that we like to talk to candidates before we make decisions about hiring. Phone calls and video conferencing are fine, but there’s really no substitute for sitting in the same room and looking each other in the eye. We like to ask questions about your approach, your experience, and your goals. We like to talk about your portfolio and learn a bit about why you made the decisions you made. We also want to let you know what to expect if you end up working here - cuz don’t forget, you’re interviewing us, too.

Step 4 - references

We call ‘em. Find a few people who worked with you and still really like you - if you don’t, we’ll wonder why.

Step 5 - the offer

Did we mention that we’ll give you money in exchange for your time and effort? We will. Your wage will depend on your level of experience, how much we think you have to offer when you start. Then, if all goes well, you’ll get raises and bonuses and lots of free snacks.

Step 6 - the job

We build web and mobile applications for a variety of clients, many of them related to online education or research projects. Our work frequently involves UI/UX, responsive design, branding, illustration, and animation. 

We like to use Sketch and inVision and other tools that make sense. We build wireframes and mockups to convey our ideas and guide conversations about UI, UX, and visual direction.

We provide a fun office full of smart, creative people and sometimes a dog, competitive wages, a yearly bonus, excellent health, vision, and dental insurance, a matching 401k plan, paid time off, in-office massages, and more.

Still interested? Send us a cover letter, resume, and portfolio: info@emberex.com

P.S. We already mentioned this, but in case you missed it or thought we weren’t serious - this is an in-house position. We’re gonna want you to work in our office most of the time. Also, that’ll give you easy access to our snacks and our game room.