Emberex: Custom Research Software

We build software for researchers

Emberex crafts web and mobile applications that support your research, making it easy to collect and visualize data for presentation, tracking, and analysis.

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Custom Research Tools

Every research project is unique, yet many share common elements. We start with our existing tools and experience, and we end with custom applications that meet your specific needs in the areas of:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Visualization
  • Reporting
  • Usability
  • Security and Confidentiality

Got data? We’ll help you visualize it.

Scale your research and let technology do the heavy lifting. We build tools that are both robust and intuitive, allowing you to spend your time doing things that matter, like analyzing and tracking results.


Does your research focus on improving the lives of exceptional people with disabilities?

Let’s talk about building software to support both your work and the community you impact.

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Versatile Technology

We build custom research tools using modern technologies that are the best fit for your project. We keep up with the latest trends, tools, and frameworks, in order to make choices that give you the power to succeed now and into the future.

Experience Matters

You deserve to partner with proven technology experts who understand the complexities involved in developing custom research tools and applications. Our experience and methodology ensure that we deliver solutions suited to exceed  your expectations. Current clients include:

Risk Calculator

Clemson University & UNC Charlotte

Risk Calculator is a powerful research application that enables educators to identify at-risk students and improve graduation rates. This goal was achieved by leveraging intuitive design and cutting-edge technology to do the heavy lifting.
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University of Oregon

STEPSS is a research project run by the University of Oregon that provides tools to track and evaluate graduation and dropout rates, IEP compliance, and post-school outcomes of disadvantaged students. This successful application is comprised of robust and intuitive tools that maintain secure data and make it readily available to stakeholders and end-users.
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University of Oregon

The goal of the Project STAYOUT application was to create an intuitive and friendly interface for managing data related to youth in the program. Our solution provides a positive experience for both the researchers and the participants involved in the program.
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Give us a call at (541) 687-5778 or email us at [email protected]. We would love to discuss your next research project.

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