Our Process

Each project starts with a conversation. We work with you through each step of the process to understand your needs and challenges. This allows us to develop strategies that guide the construction of your application to achieve your goals.

Utilizing wireframes, prototypes, and responsive interface design, we craft a unique identity for your application that resonates with your business goals and audience. A well-designed application is more than just a beautiful interface—it provides intuitive and elegant functionality.


With all the parts established, the next step is to build your application. Designers and developers work together, using cutting-edge technology to bring your application to life. We create code customized to your specific needs. 

You own the code, wireframes, and designs we create for you. If at any point you decide you want to work with someone else to complete your project, we won’t hold you or your project hostage.

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Miriam Waintrup
University of Oregon, Research

After all the thousands of dollars we spent on other teams for software that doesn't work, Emberex made it look easy. We have to keep them forever!

Omer Orian
Owner, Off the Waffle

Thank you for designing this wonderful web app for us. You went above and beyond to get the job done right, and we are impressed with the professionalism of your process. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future. Thank you for everything!

Beth Palmer
SOI Systems

Emberex created an application that goes beyond what we had hoped for.


» Desktop & Mobile Apps
» iOS, & Android
» Education & Research Tools

» Interface Design
» Data Visualization
» Brand Identity

» Information Architecture
» Front-end & Back-end