Emberex: Custom Research and Educational Software Development

Your goal is to improve the lives of exceptional people living with disabilities.

Sometimes, that goal is reached with a software solution designed to turn your research into action.

Emberex is the partner who can help you achieve that goal.

Why have we been successful?

For more than 10 years, we’ve been working with researchers and educators to turn data and findings into web apps, dashboards, interventions and more — with a particular focus on the field of special education.

Grant Funding
We understand the cycles, parameters and structure of grant funding.
Understanding Budgets
We work with you to identify a solution that works for the realities of your budget.
Grant Submission
We are well versed in joining your grant submission with a letter of support — thus strengthening your proposal.
Commercial Quality
There is value in building commercial-quality software in the research space; we commit to delivering at the highest standard.
We create a collaborative environment that leverages a combination of your input and our expertise.
Meaningful Tools
We care about the things you’re researching — building meaningful tools is important to us.

At Emberex, we know that the ideas, research and data are yours. The software thinking and planning is collaborative. The execution and development is ours.

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