Emberex: Be Positive
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Be+ (Be Positive)

Implementing positive student reinforcement practices for behavior

Native iOS and Android mobile apps for teachers to deliver positive reinforcement, remember precorrection, and track their work.

Project roles
Visual Design,
UI & UX Implementation,


The UO Ed ECS team brought a difficult challenge to Emberex: based on their research, build a beautifully simple suite of tools to remind teachers to provide positive reinforcement to students. The app would be used in the classroom, so it needed to work on a mobile device, and it could not interrupt the teacher during direct involvement with the students. In addition, it required uncomplicated user controls to provide quick and easy access to settings and notifications.

As with nearly all of our apps, Be+ site admins needed access to all user data and statistics. Emberex designers created elegant, easy-to-interpret charts, accessible right from the main dashboard. These dashboards provide at-a-glance usage statistics for the reminders and timers configured within the app.


The process of working with the Be+ team on this application quickly yielded a clean, easy-to-use product. Before starting the project, the Be+ team had considered what they wanted for one of the four tools in the app. This helped the teams communicate and visualize their ideas. Emberex designers quickly provided wireframes for the remaining three tools. Using iterative in-person meetings, Slack conversations, along with videos and design feedback tools, Emberex and the Be+ team iteratively refined the design and prepared it for the developers.

Because the application needed to work without an internet connection, Emberex could not use standard server-based push notifications; the push notifications needed to initiate from the local application. In addition, the timing and consistency of frequent push notifications introduced additional complexities. With perseverance and technical prowess, the Emberex development team found solutions to every obstacle.

Emberex and UO created an application that is beautiful, easy to use, and helps teachers provide positive reinforcements to students.

You can view more details of the app and try it out for yourself here for iOS and here for Android.

Cordova, React